BG's Board of Directors' intention is not only to be a market leader in the automotive field but also to set the standard in sustainability

In identifying the new Marsa site, the organisation sought to find a central location, where it could implement technology and practices to have the possible minimum environmental impact on its surroundings

The scope of the project was not only to build the most modern automotive facilities on the island but to make the new building as sustainable as possible.

The new facilities are designed to reduce environmental impact while increasing productivity. We believe in responsible manufacturing practices and strive to minimise waste, reduce emissions, and conserve energy.

Our team is dedicated to finding new ways to improve our processes and reduce our carbon footprint.

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This was achieved by

Restored and upgraded all masonry to the highest contemporary standards and retained and fully restoration of the existing factory roof – including all metal panels.

The metal panels were fully recycled and restored in terms of general condition & de-rusting, but in addition, a special coat was also applied.

This coating provides better insulation in the winter but also better cooling in the hotter months, leading to less reliance on heaters and air-conditioning units.

The PV plant comprises 1980 LONGI PV panels each with a power rating of 455W and is projected to generate over 1.2 million units of clean electricity annually.

This is the equivalent of powering about 400 households and is expected to save about 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions which is also equivalent to planting about 3000 trees.

Leading to a considerable reduction in electricity consumption. In addition, sensors & switch timers have been installed, leading to less wastage.


This system was installed in the three workshop spaces, it will help ventilate the area but also to recover lost energy, helping to reduce any potential waste and enhance working conditions for shop floor employees.

A purifying ventilation system has also been equipped for all offices and natural air ventilation was also adopted for the underground car park.

In addition, the latest eco-friendly VRF air-conditioning technology units – all using DC inverter drives and eco-friendly refrigerant – have been installed.

Making investments in more energy-efficient equipment to target lower energy loads across the value chain has a high potential to deliver the most material reductions in wattage use. This has led to greater expense, but in keeping to the main sustainability scope of the project, the organisation decided to install all new energy-efficient tools and equipment.

Prime examples are Electric Spray Boots which make no use of any type of gas and the latest car jacks. Both the spray boots and the car jacks are also certified for use on Electric Vehicles.

BG is also adopting a sustainable management process to dispose of the old equipment at the Burmarrad premises.

Ground samples of the different site areas were obtained, leading to the identification of the best area to install the cistern.

Harvesting and recycling water will reduce the organisation’s reliance on the country’s supply, the adoption of this system will help BG to use this water for the fire sprinkler system of the entire facility, car wash, and also all bathrooms present on the premises.

BG is certain that this investment will lead to better operation use of water and also less impact on the country’s resources, through this.

Also good to highlight that a minimum of 400ltrs of water will be reserved for the fire department for any emergencies that might happen on the BG grounds and the surrounding areas.

BG understands that it deals with materials that are hazardous to the environment.

A full Oil waste collection system has been implemented as well as a full Waste Sorting Area has been assigned and developed.

Both these practices will once again diminish BG’s impact on the environment.

A number of EV charging stations will be installed in the different parking areas, these chargers will be used for both clients and BG vehicles alike.

When analysing the sustainability of the new site, one of the pain points that needed to be tackled was to get our workforce at the facility with the least minimum impact on both the environment (in terms of emissions) but also in avoiding an increase in traffic for Marsa and the neighboring villages.

To this effect, the directors decided to invest in and introduce a staff bus service which will pick up 80% of the staff via specified routes, leading to fewer cars on our road and fewer emissions as a direct bi-product.

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