Burmarrad Group appointed authorized Sales & Service partner for Green Machines

Burmarad Group is proud to announce its official designation as an authorized sales and service partner for Green Machines, a leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly electric cleaning machines, and the only manufacturer of hydrogen swipers in the world. This strategic partnership reflects Burmarad Group’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies to its customers.

Green Machines, a renowned name in sustainable cleaning solutions, entrusted Burmarrad Group with the responsibility of representing its brand and providing sales and service support. With a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation, Burmarad Group is poised to raise the standards of the cleaning industry in the Maltese market.

Since the start of this relationship, Burmarad Group has already successfully delivered four state-of-the-art Green Machines city cleaning units to the Malta Cleaning Authority. These units are designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and sustainability for urban cleaning and maintenance.

“As an authorized sales and service partner for Green Machines, Burmarad Group is excited to contribute to the advancement of sustainable cleaning practices,” said Sharon Gauci, CEO of Burmarad Group. “Our collaboration with Green Machines allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions aligning with our environmental care commitment. We are delighted to have delivered four units to the Malta Cleaning Authority, which is a significant step towards a cleaner and greener future.

Green Machines is known for its cutting-edge technology that combines efficiency with eco-friendliness. The collaboration with the Burmarrad Group ensures that the Maltese public will have access to the latest developments in cleaning equipment, together with expert support and maintenance services.

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