Ultra-high-performance summer tyre

The Adreno AD-R9 is the latest ultra-high-performance summer tyre for sports cars, hot hatchbacks and other performance cars. 

• Impressive handling and driver feedback

• Comfortable motorway journeys with excellent high-speed stability

• Incredible wet and dry grip thanks to a grippy, full-silica compound

• A comfortable, quiet driving experience

• Reduces aquaplaning for safer wet weather driving

Keen to learn more about the technical aspects of the Adreno AD-R9?

• New pattern designed to deliver better handling at high speeds

• Full-silica tread compound for excellent wet and dry grip

• 3+1 circumferential grooves reduce aquaplaning and noise

• Special curved tread for better water dispersal

• Closed shoulder design reduces noise levels

• New steel belt construction absorbs impact, providing more comfort

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