Car Care Tips: How to Check Your Engine Oil

Regularly checking your engine oil is crucial for maintaining your car’s health. Follow these simple steps

Prepare Your Car:

  • Ensure your car is parked on a level surface.
  • The engine should be cool, not immediately after driving.

Locate the Dipstick:

  • Open the car hood and find the engine oil dipstick. It’s usually a brightly colored handle labeled “Engine Oil.”

Pull Out the Dipstick:

  • Pull the dipstick out completely and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Reinsert and Remove:

  • Put the clean dipstick back into its tube fully and then pull it out again.

Check the Oil Level:

  • Observe the markings on the dipstick. There are two marks—minimum and maximum. The oil level should be between these marks.

Inspect the Oil’s Condition:

  • Note the color and consistency of the oil. Healthy oil is amber-colored and transparent. If it’s dark or gritty, it may be time for an oil change.

Check for Unusual Smells:

Smell the oil on the dipstick. A burnt or strong smell could indicate potential issues.

Top Up if Necessary:

  • If the oil level is below the minimum mark, you’ll need to add oil. Refer to your car manual for the correct oil type and viscosity.

Repeat as Needed:

Make it a habit to check your engine oil regularly, ideally once a month or before long trips.

Consult a Professional:

  • If you notice a significant drop in oil levels or any irregularities, it’s advisable to give our experts a shout and we’ll check it out. Click here to book your appointment for an engine oil change at our center.

Remember, proper engine oil levels are crucial for your engine’s performance and longevity. Regular checks contribute to a healthy and smoothly running vehicle.

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