Burmarrad Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

With great pride, the Chairman, CEO, and Directors of our organization are delighted to announce a significant milestone this year. Burmarrad Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary!

As we mark this momentous occasion, we reflect on the visionary leadership and dedication of our Chairman, Mario Snr. His pioneering spirit ignited the start of this remarkable journey, and his relentless commitment, along with the tireless efforts of his family, has propelled our organization from its humble beginnings on a small curb in Burmarrad to become one of the largest automotive operations on the island. Their steadfast drive and perseverance have laid the foundation for our success, inspiring us to reach new heights.

The second generation leading the group into the future

Today, as Burmarrad Group commemorates its 40th anniversary, we recognize the pivotal role played by Sharon, Maria, and Mario Jr. in steering the organization toward its next phase of growth. Their passion and commitment to excellence continue to guide us through challenges and opportunities, ensuring our continued success in the years ahead.

Employees past & present

Above all, we extend our gratitude to every employee, both past and present, who has contributed to the growth and achievements of our group. It is through your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to our shared vision that BG has been able to overcome obstacles and achieve milestones.

To mark this significant moment in our history, we are thrilled to unveil a special edition logo. Emphatically, ss valued members of our community, we are excited to share this news with you first. Let us join together in celebrating our achievements thus far and rededicating ourselves to the journey ahead. Here’s to the next 40 years of success!

Donate to Puttinu Cares

Burmarrad Group is proudly dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Our commitment to making a positive impact is reflected not just in our words but in our actions. Join us in supporting Puttinu Cares and together, let’s be a force for good in our community.

For donations please click here to reach out to Puttinu and help them!

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