April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

A good time to remind ourselves of the dangers of not giving the road our full attention when behind the wheel. We recommend taking time this month to reinforce this important message. Driving safely means keeping our eyes and mind on the road, and to remind your employees about their responsibility to avoid distracted driving in company vehicles, while on the lot and roads.

How do you avoid distracted driving?
1. Defensive driving
• Set your destination on the GPS or smartphone application before you pull out of the space to begin
your journey.
• Drive as if the other drivers are distracted on their phones and have not noticed you or any other
• On lot driving is just as hazardous as driving on the roads; lower your speed and double your

2. Attentive driving – avoid distractions
• Visual – Avoid anything that takes your eyes off the roadway.
• Manual – Avoid anything that takes your hands off the steering wheel.
• Cognitive – Avoid thinking about things other than
safe driving.
• Auditory – Remove noises in the vehicle that take your attention off the road environment.

• Avoid answering or making calls when driving.
• Do not read, compose
or send electronic communication when driving.
• Do not just rely on in-car technology such as back-up
cameras, lane departure alerts, etc. They do not
replace your commitment to drive safely.


We value your safety and health. Let’s all do our part to #StaySafe. Thank you for your commitment to avoiding distracted driving.

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